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COD Analysis System

COD Digester - Model 2015M


COD analysis requires digestion of samplers using pottassium dichromate and sulphuric acid,. Spectralab offers two models 2015M for 20 ml sample size and 2025M for 2-5 ml sample size. The digested sample is then titrated against FeS04 , for which Model CT 15 is specially designed.


Spectralab Model 2015 M COD

Spectralab Model 2015 M COD Digestion Apparatus is a Solid block heated unit with provision for 15 samples at a time in 40mm dia Reaction Vessels. All the samples are heated at 150°C within + 1% accuracy with utmost uniformity of temperature.

Spectralab Model CT - 15 COD Titrator

Spectralab Model CT - 15 COD Titrator is specifically designed for titration of K2Cr2O7 against Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate. It is provided with stand for Glass Vessel along with Magnetic Stirrer & Electrode. The results can be seen on display directly in ppm. With optional printer the results can be printed in ‘Tabular Form along with date & time.

Suitable stands and handling devices for handling & storage of reaciton vessels & condensers can be supplied as accessories.

SS Holder & FRP Water Tank is convenient for transferring all the 15 reaction vessel at a time from Digestion Block to cooling tank in which tap water can be circulated.


Chemical Oxygen Demand is a measure of the capacity of water to consume Oxygen during the decomposition of Organic matter and Oxidation of inorganic chemicals such as ammonia and nitrite.

Determinations of COD are commonly made on samples of waste waters or natural waters contaminated by domestic or industrial wastes. Dichromate Reflux method is used for the same.

Spectralab’s COD system is the one of its kind which is very fruitful in day to day COD analysis. Spectralab’s COD system follows Open Reflux method for COD analysis to give hassle free, precise and reproducible results. The COD analysis system includes COD Digester, COD Titrator, COD Vessels and Air Condensers with other accessories.

Depending upon the type of analysis, you have range of Digesters to choose from viz.

  • 2006 D : For Digestion of 6 samples at a time.
  • 2015 M : For Digestion of 15 Samples at a time.
  • 5015 M : For Digestion of samples having lower Cod values i.e. less than 100 ppm.
  • The above digestor are for Open Reflux Method

  • 2025 D : Based on Closed reflux method for 25 samples ()

CT – 15 Titrator is the one which is dedicated only for hassle free COD titration. It is purely an automatic titrator as the dosing of the titrant and end point detection is done automatically. The results are calculated in ppm and the same can be seen either on display or the printout of the same can be taken in a tabular form by attaching a Dot Matrix printer to it.

Composite Sampler

For collection of water sample at predefined time intervals, consisting of a pump with programmable controller. The quality of effluent does not remain same throughout the day. It therefore becomes essential to monitor various parameter again & again at different intervals to have correct idea. Using composite sampler you can get representative sample from 1lt to 10 lt in 24 hours time depending on the programme you select. This will help you reducing time & cost of analysis.