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Ultrasonic Baths

Model UCB - 30


In this section most of the routinely required items like Stirrers, Shakers, Shaker incubators, Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths, Precision Water Baths. Although these are commonly used items, you will find some uncommon features in some of them. And there are some products like Mini Cooling System, which are unique and purely a speciality of Spectralab.

Ultrasonic Cleaners transform low frequency AC current into high frequency sound waves via pizo electric transducers. Whenever high intensity ultrasound is applied to a solution, which in turn causes cavitation and the formation and violent collapse of minute vaccum bubbles in the solution. In a very short time, it removes the entire dirt from all components, which are immersed in the cleaning solution. Ultrasonic Bath is specially used for precious cleaning of small parts that contain contamination in some hard to reach corners.


Degassing of liquids

Sample Dissolution

Cleaning of Parts