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Automatic Potentiometric Titrator Model Agile


We offer range of Automated Laboratory Titrators. Automated Titrator is an essential analytical instrument for quality control and chemical analysis. Both Potentiometric Titrators & Karl Fischer Titrators are important laboratory instruments. All Spectralab titrators are compact titrators & are capable of detecting multiple equivalence points.

The automatic Potentiometric Titrator is useful for titration types such as Acid base titrations, Non-aqueous titrations, Redox titrations, Argentometric titrations, Precipitation titrations, Complexometric titrations, pH stat titrations, Enzymatic titrations, EDTA titrations, TAN/TBN titrations, diazotization titrations etc. With these facilities it can work as acid base titrator, Redox titrator, Argentometric titrator, Precipitation titrator, Complexometric titrator, pH stat titrator, Enzymatic titrator, EDTA titrator, TAN/TBN titrator, diazotization titrator etc.

Model Agile is having more advance features with touch screen display.

Potentiometric Titrator Model Agile Can work as Stand alone or through PC.

Potentiometric Titrator for acid base, redox, Complexometric, Precipitation etc titrations

Key Features

Corrosion resistance fiber body.

Compact design.

7" TFT touch screen display.

Cordless mouse can be used.

Online graph on display.

USB port for printer provided for direct printout without using PC.

Pen drive connectivity.

Automatic burette recognition.

Burette factor for calculation purpose,

Automatic calculation in desired units using Formulae Constants.

Document format report print out which can be directly filed, Time, Date, Titration • • number & Sample identification number facility.

Alphanumeric entry possible for sample name, batch number, operator name etc.

Individual username & password for each user.

Limiting system access to authorized individuals meets GLP Compliance.

Can be expanded applications like pH stat, COD, KF etc. with suitable accessories.

Software for CFR 21 part 11 compliance can be ordered.