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Handy Sampler


This handy air sampler works on mains as well as on rechargeble battery and makes it portable air sampler. This is useful for collecting air samples for air quality monitoring. This is ideal as a indoor air quality monitoring equipment.

It consists of Pump, Digital timer, Rotameter ( 0 – 5 LPM ) & flow controller with provision for holding sampling devices in a compact SS case. Operates on SMP Rechargable Lead Acid Battery. Chemical substances dispersed in the work atmosphere as Gases, Vapours, and Aero-sols when absorbed, may lead to various adverse health effects..The Handy Sampler is used for the evaluation of the levels of pollutants.


Identifying air pollutants – dust, acid mist, ammonia, H2S, free chlorine etc.

The assessment of personal exposures.

To find the general background levels.

To check effectiveness of control.

To find out TWA & STEL values.

Sampling Devices With Analytical Method :

The chosen analytical methods will depend on the type of the pollutant.

Filter Paper Holder for Monitoring of dust - For dust the Gravimetric method could be adopted. If it contains metals or their compounds. It can be analysed using Atomic Absorbtion Spectophotometer.

Impingers for analysis of inorganic gases like SO2, NOx etc.- for Gases &Vapours Titrimetric or Spectrophotometric Method is used.

Activated Charcoal Tubes for analysis of Hydrocarbons & Solvent Vapours - Organic Pollutants are collected on absorbing material ( Activated Charcoal, Silica Gel ) then desorbed and analysed by GC using suitable detector.

NOTE – AC Operated samplers for higher capacity 15 LPM – 200 LPM are also available.