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Karl Fischer Titrator (KF)


There are various models of Karl Fischer titrators in our products range. Karl Fischer titration is carried for moisture estimation. KF moisture titrator is for moisture determination. Model MA 101 C or Model Whiz are volumetric type KF titrator whereas Model Nimble is Coulometric KF Titrator. When the number of samples for moisture estimation are less a combined titrator for Potentiometric and KF can be selected. Model Whiz and AT 38 C can be purchased with KF attachment in such cases.. Model AT 38 C and MA 101 C use back lighted digital display. Columetric Karl Fischer titrator mode Nimble is compact, useful for fast and precise titration for samples for low water content ppm to percentage. It is microcontroller based digital automatic titrator to estimate traces of moisture. Trace moisture determination is fast and accurate.

Accessories for KF Titrator

KF Oven

KF Oven Karl Fischer Oven technique is used for samples which cannot be dissolved in solvents or they react with solvents like Methnol.

Fill Drain Pump

Spectralab Fill Drain Pump is an aesthetically designed accessory for Karl Fischer Titrator, designed to handle hazardous chemicals safely. Due to its compact design it occupies very less bench space & very easy to operate. Fill Drain Pump is useful to fill the fresh methanol in KF titration Vessel & the same pump will be used to drain the KF waste from the KF Titration Vessel with just moving the Knob & Changing the tube.