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BOD Monitor - Model EM2



Biochemical oxygen demand is one of the important parameter of effluent analysis. The SPECTRALAB Microcontroller based BOD Monitor system is based on well known principle of “Electrolytic Respirometry” In this method exact quantity of oxygen is supplied as per demand & the oxygen required can be directly noted in mg/liter against time.

BOD Monitor is designed to measure the oxygen uptake of a given sample continuously. It consist of Cell assembly, Electronic Unit & Magnetic Stirrer. The Sample is kept in continuous stirring to ensure constant absorption of OXYGEN.

BOD is to be reported at 27°C for 3 days. However, with this instrument after studying routine samples the BOD can be predicted with in 1 ½ to 2 days by using prediction factor.

Applications :

Study of Biodegradability & Toxicity of organic compound.

Study of reaction kinetics biodegradation of specific waste and its removal from the environment.

Study of specific bacterial strength and enzymatic systems responsible for biodegradation of specific compound.

Study of oxygen up take rate of biomass and their viable concentration present in activated sludge systems.

Monitoring of the performance of effluent treatment systems with greater speed and reliability.

Specifications :

Microcontroller Based.

Electrolytic Respirometry principle.

Number samples 2 at a time. Smaple size 1 liter.

Dilution range upto 500 mg/ltr.

Continuous & hourly display of result with graph.

Prediction factor to predict result at 24 or 36 hrs.

Dilution factor for automatic multiplication.

Digital temperature indication of surrounding temperature.

Soft touch membrane key board.

16 character duel line backlighted display.

Real time clock to give date & time of analysis.

Data protection in case of power failure.

Printer interface for dot matrix printer.