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Melting Point Apparatus

Stand Alone or PC through operation

Model Check Melt VR

The product is used to determine Melting Point, Melting Range, and Boiling Point.

The Melting Point, Melting Range & Boiling point are standard parameter to check the sample purity, to identify products or to measure mixture contents. This technique is widely established as a basic characteristic of chemical compound. SPECTRALAB offers the solutions for visual determination with high accuracy. The Check Melt Series Melting Point Instruments are designed

Spectralab has three models of Melting point Apparatus. Determination of Melting Point can be done either with manual detection or automatic detection as per the model selected.

Model Check Melt VR is high performance melting point instrument. Model Check Melt OB is melting point / boiling point apparatus. With stringent specifications the model Check Melt VR is a precision melting point apparatus

Model Check Melt OB & SB microcontroller based visual melting point apparatus are manual detection. Model VR is automatic melting point apparatus with video recording. In all the cases melting point visual determination with high accuracy can be done. To understand the working of Check Melt VR watch the melting point video recording.

Model Check Melt SB, Check Melt OB and Check Melt VR are all GLP Compliant. Further model Check Melt VR can be supported with 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance. Checkmelt VR can be ordered as Standalone or 21 CFR part 11 compliant with PC through operation.

Check Melt OB

Uses Oil Bath

Both Melting & boiling point

Manual Detection

Temperature range (Ambient + 5)°C to 300°C

Check Melt SB

Uses Solid aluminum block

Both Melting & boiling point

Manual Detection

Temperature range (Ambient + 5)°C to 400°C

Check Melt VR
Stand Alone or PC through operation

Uses Solid Aluminum block

Automatic Melting Point Apparatus with Video Recording

Automatic Detection