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Orbital Shaker HM 8

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In this section most of the routinely required items like Stirrers, Shakers, Shaker incubators, Ultrasonic Baths, Precision Water Baths. Although these are commonly used items, you will find some uncommon features in some of them. And there are some products like Mini Cooling System, which are unique and purely a speciality of Spectralab.

These units are available with Orbital Shaking motion. These are ideal for slow as well as high speed shaking. These have variable speed control from 40 - 200 rpm. Ideally accepts 12 conical flasks of 250 ml or 8 conical flasks of 500 ml or 6 conical flasks of 1000 ml. Accessories for specific applications are available on request.

Also available

Linear Motion Shaker

Vertical Motion Shaker

All these Shakers meet most of the needs in chemical, micro biological & biotechnical fields.

Spectralab introduces range of shakers viz. Orbital Shaker, Linear Shaker and Shaker with Incubator for your various application needs. It features uniform motion and superb reliability under adverse conditions. These shaker features convenience of programmable speed and running time. The shakers platform can be customized as per ones requirement and application.

Shakers are generally used for gentle mixing of liquid samples to ensure homogeneous growth of cultures. Shakers find it applications in the field of Cell Culture, Bacterial Suspension, Solubility Studies, Staining and De staining, Extraction procedures and large scale production applications.

Moreover, it’s quite affordable with adjustable speed control for gentle to vigorous agitation. It is also provide with countdown timer facility that helps the user to adjust the time of shaking as per the requirement of specific application for time dependant studies and being compact it acquires less bench space.

The orbital shaker also comes with an Incubator for temperature based shaking applications. The Shaker with Incubator is provided with a glass door to monitor the solutions on the shaker as and when required. With all these set up Spectralab has enrolled its name in the list of shaker manufacturers and suppliers catering to customers varied requirements.