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pH / Conductivity Meter


2 in 1 instrument for pH & Conductivity.

In the pH mode it is work as pH meter and in the conductivity mode it will work as Conductivity Meter and by using suitable factor it will work as Conductivity TDS Meter. All together it is benchtop pH / conductivity / TDS Meter.

This is a combined instrument for pH & conductivity. The features of pH Meter & conductivity meter are combined in one single instrument giving a price advantage. Buying pH CON is definitely cost effective than buying two separate instruments - Accu pH 3 ( for pH ) & COT 2 (for conductivity). All the commonly required parameters - pH, ORP, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity can be measured with this single instrument. The general specifications are same as that of all other instruments in this family.

Remove pH Ion Meter : Model PI-5 for ION selective electrodes from that & insert a new link in general laboratory instruments in the last.